Jun 27, 2005

Preparing For Camp

Well, hello everyone. Don't have much to say today, as I have been rather busy preparing for Occidental Football Camp. The BHS Varsity football team goes every year. It's great! It's four days of nothing but eating, sleeping, and playing football, in pads. :^) Since we can't practice in our own gear and pads until August due to , I believe, CIF rules, we go to Oxy and use their pads to practice and play other teams in pads before August. There are teams from all over Southern and Inland California. We even have our Head Coach's old high school is coming down from Bakersfield to come and join the rucus(Did I spell that right?). So I went out and bought a pair of linemans gloves to protect my hands when I play defense and give me some grip when I play guard onoffense. I also bought some new cleats. They're pretty slick. I broke them in today and beside the pain they were causing my feet, they were pretty darn comfortable. Now you might be wondering whether or not I am crazy or like pain, I don't, at least not necessarily, but sometimes you just got to deal with it, and when you break in cleats and they're all stiff and tight, they can be quite painful; but it goes away. Anyway, after I get a haircut(2 on top, and a zero on the sides and back. High & Tight) tommorrow, I'll be all ready for Oxy. Woohoo!

I haven't gotten a response back from Mike Crook. I never expected to, but it would have been courteous to at least to have gotten a form e-mail or something. But I don't really care. I hope that one day one of the troops who defend his right to slander them, comes and knocks him out after beating the crap out of him. It's what he deserves. Maybe then he'll change his mind. He's at least up there with other scumbags like Fred Phelps(WARNING: Not For The Weak of Stomach Or Strong Of Conviction).

In better news, I have have just recently realized how vast my musical tastes are. My computer is the archive of something from just about every genre of music. Rock N' Roll, Hip Hop, Rap, Modern Rock, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Folk, Country, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Soul, the list goes on and on. I guess this is a good thing, at least I rarely disagree with my friends when we are trying to find something to listen to on the radio station. Just thought that I would point this out. I hope you found it mildly interesting mildly interesting.

I also want to thank everyone who visits the site for their support. I also want to thank those who have commented and left assuring words of wisdom, thank you very much, it means a lot to me. I especially would like to thank MOM over at Me, Myself, & Us for her wisdom and insight. It has been really nice to get a reassuring pat on the back from a nice person on a regular basis. I think she deserves a big ol' hug. That's it for today. I have to get a good night's rest to help fight this cold, because it is just a nightmare to play football when sick. Good Night and have pleasant dreams.

Football: An American Tradition

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