Jun 24, 2005

It's Over, Finally!

Well, today was the last day of school and I am now officially a senior in high school. Whoopee! Now all I have to do is navigate through summer school because of a D in Algebra 2. Great, the two weeks of summer vacation I get between summer ball and Fall Camp is now going to be taken up with summer school. But that's the price I pay. The thing that's really eating away at me is the fact that while myself and many of my classmates are failing or getting D's(which aren't much better) after busting our butts to pass, a few bozos are passing with A's and B's because they cheated and lied their way through the class, and the teacher didn't even realize it was happening! If I can't have a C then I at least want these guys to learn their lesson and get the grade they deserve; a big, fat F. But that's neither here nor there, the good news is that I am out of school and able to relax. Also, Occidental Football Camp is next week, so expect the posting to be very light. I'll come back with plenty of stories and bruises.

Anyway, I am very relieved that this semester is over. It's been really fast-paced and has worn me out. Four days of eating, sleeping, and playing football should revive me though and I can be on my merry way. It's weird, I stand on the verge of the rest of my life and I don't feel any different. I always thought being a senior in high school would be more dramatic than this; I'm really disappointed. But, at least I have Academy admissions I can take care of. I have finally gotten all of my recommendation letter contributors sorted out and they have given me a level of enthusiasm I would never expect. Possibly the nicest comments I have gotten were from my Head Coach, Coach Croson (Sorry, I can't bring myself to use his first name, it's that ingrained into me). He said that I was an honorable guy and of good moral character and would make a great Midshipman. Go Navy, Beat Army! I like Coach Croson, he's a real stand up kinda guy. A great coach, and a nice guy, he reminds me of my father in a lot of ways, which is sort of weird. He has his quirks though, which makes it easy for us football players to imitate him. But I hope he knows we do it because we like him so much. Great guy, that Coach Croson.

Well, I think that's gonna do it for me today. I'm tired, been out with my friends celebrating the end of the school year.

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