Jun 23, 2005

One Last Time. . .

I know that everything having to do with Michael Crook and Forsake The Troops is old news and we probably shouldn't give this douchebag a forum for his twisted logic, but after trolling through soem old archives, chief amongst them are Goldfalcon and CDR Salamander, I am enraged to the point where I must take action. So I have decided to email the asshat and try and reason with him one last time. Maybe this one will take. Who knows? I have provided the email below.

Dear Mr. Crooks,

I am a concerned citizen. Your site www.forsakethetroops.net is a mockery of everything the servicemen and women of the United States and countless other nations are trying to accomplish in Iraq. It also borders on treason. While I will not question your right to say what you will and soon I will be sworn to to protect it with my life, I believe you are still slime and am exercising my rights and freedoms to say what I want about you. Now I know that right now you are saying to yoursefl "F*** This Right Wing Bastard!" or something similar, but I ask you, no I implore that you read this e-mail all the way through.

While your rights to freedom of speech and such are provided to you by the blessed Constitution of this great nation of ours, your rights are insured and protected by the soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen of the armed forces. Without them the Constitution would just be another sheet of paper. Without the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers I would not have to write this e-mail to you. You would have been jailed and/or executed for treason long before you enjoyed any celebrity status from your website.

To me this entire travesty is your desperate attempt to experience your own fifteen minutes of fame and a method of waging your vendetta against the United States Armed Forces because you couldn't join up and stay in. Too bad, get over it and move on, there are other ways to serve your country. As for your allegation that servicemen and women are payed too much and are a waste of the taxpayers' money; I totally and whole-heartedly disagree. I don't believe they are paid enough, but that is beside the point. If you truly believe in this cause, why not run for public office or offer up a petition or something similar, instead of slandering those who protect you. I'm sure if you presented your argument logically you would be able to sway plenty of people to your cause, as for the "followers" you have now, I doubt many of them regard you as intelligent. Most denounce you and your views and you have even been humiliated on national television. What you have attained is not famed or celebrity it is infamy, the same thing Hitler and Stalin achieved.

I hope that if you choose to respond, (I doubt you will) you will do so intelligently instead of slandering me and resorting to calling me names. At least make a concerted effort as I do not think you have the capability to do so. If you could please provide any information and sources that you used to come up with this idea that the troops are paid too much.

Andrew M.

In related out-raging news, this whole, debacle over eminent domain. I seem to recall that there was a constitutional amendment that dealt with this sort of thing, but maybe that was all just propaganda. The government has no right to do this kind of thing. I have no qualms with doing it for the public good and public works, things like that, but to be able to bulldoze and seize a person's home just so some developer can place a shopping mall or business center in its place, goes way too far. It's a shame that we have come to this point. The smart guy that is SMASH throws in his two cents on this whole ordeal. If anyone wants to take my home and property to put in a shopping mall, you can expect that I will fight them tooth and nail. I'm not even going to get into the whole flag-burning ban thing, way too angry, it's just so stupid and un-American. So, I'll let The Commissar handle THIS ONE.(HAT TIP: CDR Salamander)

Before I sign off, something to cheer you up after having to sift through my anger-riddled post. A certain James Lileks gives us the skinny on everything about Gitmo. Very snarky and it really socks it to those sissy liberals. (HAT TIP:Neptunus Lex) Thanks for listening to me rant everybody. It felt good. I'll have more, better blogging goodness tommorrow. Catch y'all on the flip side.

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