Apr 29, 2005

TGIF Woohoo!

I don't have much to say today, so I think I'll just direct y'all to other bloggers and cool stuff on the web. First up is Blackfive with another one of his Someone You Should Know posts. Go read it. I am also thinking about doing what I can to help all of the heroes and heroines in the armed forces. I'm thinking of putting one of those link decals like for MilBlogs but I don't know which organization it should link to. Maybe Adopt-A-Serviceman(I don't have a link but I'll find it) or the USO. I can't do much but I feel I should do something. I owe that much, if not more.

In other news, it looks like the space shuttle won't be flying again until July. NASA officials cite safety concerns as the reason for the push back. The shuttle Discovery was originally slated to take off on May 22, but its launch has now been moved to between July 13 and July 31. You can find the full story HERE. My view on this is that going into space is a dangerous business and there are inherent risks in operating in an environment with no air and little gravity. But the men and women who proudly call themselves Astronauts have bravely accepted these dangers in order to continue the endeavour of human exploration. The first men into space shrugged these off and I believe we must return to the days of deep space exploration. We have exhausted just about all of the research opportunities in orbit. In my opinion we must return to the moon and then move to places far beyond.

CAP Blog has found a cool new movie from the Scott brothers about fighter pilots. If you like fighter jets and stuff like that, go take a look. It's really cool. Also, everyone must go read MDG's post from an Iraqi citizen. It's good stuff. Also, I just added some more blogs to the blogroll. I suggest you all check those sites out.

Finally, I am going to be putting up more pictures on here. I am also thinking of doing one of those profile/biography/stuff you should know about me posts that seem to be so popular. I think I'll do a little later on today. I'll even put a picture of me up. Y'all just gotta promise not to be too digusted by my grotesque features.

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