Apr 26, 2005

Blackfive has another one of his Someone You Should Know posts about Senior Airman Brian Kolfage. Go read that story, that's an order!. You can find it HERE. Neptunus Lex has a new sea story. It's about Centrifuge Training. It's pretty funny, I highly suggest you go check it out. Also, I recommend Mustang23's blog, Assumption of Command. I have also found myself enjoying SFAlphaGeek's blog. His post about how to impersonate a Special Forces Operator is hilarious. You can find it HERE. And my final blog reccomendation for today is Ma Deuce Gunner. Read it and be impressed.

I am also glad that the Anonymous Commenter has decided to wimp out and not return to the site. I feel like I've accomplished something. In closing I'd like to thank all American men and women in the Armed Forces for serving our country and protecting our rights and freedoms. A Big Ol' Thank You and I'd like y'all to know I'm prayin' you make it home safe and sound in one piece. Semper Vigilans!

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