Apr 28, 2005

What's Going On Right Now?

A Lot, to say the least. Spring Ball just started up so now I'm gonna be practicing until about 1800 hours a couple days a week. I'll keep y'all updated on how the season's going. Also, it looks like I'm going nearing the century mark for my visitors. This marks a small milestone for my site. Thanks everybody, for helping me out. I've also added a few more blogs to my small list of blogs that I read, so I encourage everyone to go take a look.

Also, Tyler has a post about the California legislature wanting to raise the price on ammo so they can put serial numbers on it. This is horrible. It's an outrage. It seems that everyother month or so, the pansy-ass liberals in this state(of which there are a great deal, trust me I have to deal with them everyday) want to impose a tax on guns and ammo or want to restrict gun ownership further. I can take their bashing of President Bush, and can handle most of their whining, bitching, and moaning, and can even tolerate some of their unintelligent hippy bullshit(because thats what they spew out of their mouths most of the time), but gun control is one issue where they go too far. It isn't prudent. Now don't get me wrong, I support background checks and I don't believe we should let guns be unregulated, but that's what the ATF is for. If I feel like owning a .50 caliber assault rifle(how awesome would that be?), then I should be able to own one. Now I'm gonna go and blow off some steam for a while.

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