Apr 25, 2005

Big Changes

Y'all may notice how all the comments have dissapeared, but please don't be alarmed. I have switched to using Haloscan and I think this could be the end of the Anonymous Commenter. OpSec regulations prevent me from telling y'all exactly how it'll be done, but know that it's taken care of.

Also, with the new ability to block certain riff raff from degrading the site with their defamatory and mean-spirited comments I have decided to create rules for commenting. They are the following:

  1. Do not post mean-spirited comments directed towards any reader's faith, sex, religion, etc. In other words try to keep the level of conversation somewhat intelligent and don't call people names.

  2. If you have any advice on how to make the site better, I advise you to e-mail me as well as post a comment as I may not read the comment or may miss it.

  3. Football is the greatest sport ever and there will be no discussion otherwise.

  4. If you have any questions about any of my hobbies or would like to find out how to join Civil Air Patrol, feel free to email me.

That's pretty much it. All I'm really asking is that y'all keep it fair and clean so as to promote serious discussion. I understand that there will be posts of mine that are silly and ridiculous and I don't mind the comments to reflect that. I just don't want anymore trouble from such people as the Anonymous Commenter as it has given me nothing more than a headache. Semper Vigilans!

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