Apr 21, 2005

Cool New Goodness

I had a good birthday yesterday. Shaved a full seven seconds off of my 200 meter time. I run it in about 26 seconds, so it looks like I'm making improvement in the speed department. Now all I have to do is get stronger and a little taller and I'll be all set for the season. I found a cool Java applet. It's a game called luner lander where you have to land an LEM. It's a lot of fun. Go and try it on my site. You can find it HERE. If anyone manages to get a really high score, post a comment and I'll put it up on my site on the wall of fame.

Mustang23 has a funny post about stoplights. I recommend that y'all check it out, it's pretty funny. Also, Greyhawk has a cool post about Major Winters, a World War II paratrooper and one of the members of the famous Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division. You can find the whole article HERE. I read the book Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose, and enjoyed the miniseries immensely. I highly suggest y'all read the article. And finally, anyone interested in the Air Force should go check out Air Force Voices. If you're still not satisfied and want more MilBlogging, then click on the "Friends of MilBlogs" picture and take a peek at the list of MilBlogs Greyhawk has assembled. That's it for now. See y'all later.

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