Apr 25, 2005

Fixing A Problem

It appears that the Anonymous Jackass is back. You may all know him as the dumbass who has been leaving comments that say "You're A Douche," or anything else along those lines. He, I'm almost completely certain it's a he because I think I know who it is, will be dealt with. I'm currently looking at using third party applications to do my commenting, so no more anonymous commenters. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for the rest of y'all good people out there and I would ask y'all to just diregard this post because it's directed towards him.

I address this to the anonymous commenter who has been spneding a fair amount odf time on this website, even though he professes that he believes that blogs are stupid wastes of time. Yet he still wastes his time on this site. I would like to call you out. In another time I would simply drag you outside for a friendly duel, but seeing as that has gone out of fashion I must resort to other measures. I would like to challenge you to a debate, you can simply post in the comments. I would like you to try to be intelligent though, as I doubt that you are capable of anything above sopomoric insults. I demand either you accept my challenge or leave my site permanently, since you believe blogs are such a waste of time and are completely useless.

Andrew Wiley Miller

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