Jul 3, 2005

Pics From Camp

Hey-hey! I decided that it would be cool to showcase some pictures from Occidental Football Camp. Unfortunately. . . actually, fortunately I didn't catch any of the antiquing, egg-throwing, boxing, furniture breaking, or general mayhem on film, but I did manage to get a couple photos of me playing football. I wish I had remembered to bring a camera though, because there was plenty of stuff I wish I could have gotten on film. Like the massive amounts of food that I ate at the cafeteria. The food was awesome. I also wanted to get some pics of my friends and teamates. Plus, the rooms were pretty nice. But I at least have a couple stories, which is worth something, right? Y'all got my back, I know. Nothing but nice things to say. Anyway, before I embarrass myself further, let's move on to the pics.

Part Of Our D-Line

Here is part of our second string D-Line. You can see me at Tackle. I'm the second guy on the line with the gloves on.

Doing Some Running

Here you can see me and J.J. , our left tackle, running to block the defenders. Those guys were big. #38, the guy running the ball is Rene, our star free safety.


A good picture of our Offensive Line. In the foreground is Tim, our Tightend, then it's J.J. , then me at left guard, then Sam, our center, and then Raymond and Ralph wrap up our right side. The quarterback is Jesse, a small, fast, tough dude who is possibly one of the best quarterbacks I've ever seen despite his lack of size.

The Offense Takes The Field

Our offense walking up to the line of scrimmage. We look pretty badass if I do say so myself.

What I Had To Go Up Against

The guys in red were Glendale High School and they were sorta big. The worst thing about them was they would cut us interior linemen every play so I had to close the gap and cut them. This eventually took me out of the game because the repeated knee to the top of my helmet contact got me dizzy, not to mention beat up.

Total Chaos

What it usually looked like after the snap of the ball. You can see me down at the bottom taking out the knees of the offensive linemen. It wasn't exactly the most fun I've ever had on defense, but it was still football.

Me So Tired

Here you can see me after I played in one game and am in the middle of playing a second after three days of being beat up and not getting enough sleep. To say the least I was extremely tired. The man in the gray Birmingham Football shirt is our Defensive Line Coach.

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