May 5, 2005

Some Blogginess For You

I don't have any stories or insights at the moment so I guess I'll just link a bunch of stuff and offer my opinions on the matter. I'm quite busy with football and all(I just broke 200 pounds on the bench yesterday) and am recovering from a cold that has hit me like a Mack truck. Anyway, I'll start the linking.

First off, we have Blackfive with a request from Soldiers' Angels. It seems that they have exhausted their funds in buying Kevlar for the troops and are requesting more money. If you can spare it I encourage you to donate it to the Troops.

On a CAP related note, CAP BLog has a post about the transition to Senior Member Status from the cadet ranks, something I'll be doing in a few years. Many cadets don't like the idea of becoming Senior Members because they don't see the value in it. I know in my wing, I have run into quite a number of Senior Members who couldn't be bothered to help cadets. But then there a many more who were cadets themselves and happily pass on the knowledge they learned as cadets. I think that's the best part of being a Senior Member. You get to be a mentor and help the cadets below you with the knowledge you gained as a cadet.

Neptunus Lex has some new sea stories that are worth checking out. Also I have stumbled upon some very funny and original blogs. One is maintained by Darth Vader and the other is run by the Pope himself. They are very funny and I suggest y'all go check them out.

Air Force Voices has a moving post about the dedication of the service men and women of the armed forces. It is something I think everyone must read.Mustang23 has another related post. IT has the picture.

ALso, lots of good stuff over at Ma Deuce Gunner. Also, Sgt. B has a request for funds over at his site, The Gun Line. He's needs the cash for a new set of bagpipes, help him out everybody. And there is also another response to the powerful picture over at El Capitan's blog Dude, Where's The Beach?. That's about it for now. After reading all these posts about terrorism, I'm feeling very pissed off. I might repsond with my two cents later, but for now, I'm too angry and the only thing I'll be able to type is obscenities and curses. Doom On You, Osama! Doom On You, Zarqawi! I'll blog later.

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