May 3, 2005


Many people have asked me, "Andrew, why the hell do you want to join the military, don't you know you could get killed?" A good many others, mostly the left liberal extremists that plague Los Angeles and most of Cali, just call me a war-mongering, baby-killing, dumbass for wanting to serve my country. They just don't understand. But it's a lot diffeent when I talk to people in the Midwest or the South when I go visit family, they understand perfectly. They usually wish me luck, too.

But anyway, I digress. I want to serve my country because I believe in what it stands for. I believe in freedom, democracy, liberty, and the American dream. I believe that there is no greater country in the world than the U.S. and I was blessed by God to have been born here. I am grateful for everything this country has given me and I was to repay my debt. Also, military service is a family tradition. I have had at least one relative in serve in almost every war America has fought beginning with the Revolution. The only wars that have not had a Miller in them are the Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, Vietnam War(My uncle got out of flight school too late and my father's draft number was very high), and the Gulf War and beyond(I'm too young to fight yet). It is only fitting that I follow my family's history and keep the tradition alive.

About this time in the argument(because most of the hippies I encounter think they can convince me to not join up), people ask me "What happens if you die?" Well, if I die, I die. I will have died doing what I love and I will have made that ultimate sacrifice in order to safeguard liberty for future generations. I will die happily knowing that fact. Also, if a man has nothing he is willing to stand up for and potentially die for, then he has nothing worthwhile to live for. And everybody's gotta die sometime.

This usually leaves most of the lefties confused and scratching their heads as they cannot possibly believe anyone could possibly think that fighting and dying for what one believes is worthwhile. But there is one more reason I want to join up. It's because the military appeals to me. I could never ever work a normal day job. Sitting in a cubicle all day would drive me nuts. In the military I at least have the opportunity to get out and live it up. I'm an adrenaline junky and I would love to be able to do jump out of airplanes and fly on and off of moving ships and shoot pistols and rifles. And there is only one place in the world where I can do this and get paid for it, as well as getting full medical and dental benefits, and that's the military. I have never thought of doing anything else with my life. It is the only thing I want to do.

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