May 23, 2005

News Watch

Welcome back from the weekend. I have more news and blog links for your enjoyment. So let's get started. The Supreme Court is re-entering the abortion debate. They are reviewing a New Hampshire law which notifies parents that their minor is getting an abortion. Yhey are wading back into the murk and mire of a hazy gray area. Whatever the decision is, I'm sure many will react poorly to the verdict.Woohoo! Gas prices are still falling!

Apparently, CHina is now trying to create its own Silicon Valley. After many attempts by other countries to recreate what we have, China may have gotten it right. Looks like There will be more computers on the market. This represents a major threat to the AMerican technological industry. If we're not careful they may even surpass us. It wouldn'tbe hard, considering their manufacturing base is much greater than ours.

A new bill to ease restrictions on stem cells which is a good thing. For all the good that stem cells can do, they shouldn't be restricted. The moral gray area surrounding their use is misguided. If we put enough money into research we may be able to cure cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. Me, I'm all for stem cell research.

Sunni forces have united in Iraq in order to bring a united front toward joining the Shi'ite controled government. I think this is a good sign. It shows that the Sunnis are willing to join the Shi'ites in control of the government, something many were worrying wouldn't happen, and it is another step towards a free and democratic Iraq.

Goldfalcon has a touching reflection from a fellow soldier about Memorial Day. It is well written and everyone should read it. I have also found a new CAP blogger. His name is Civil Airman. He is insightful and funny. Also, I must commend him on his Imperial Naval Cadet posts, they are drop dead hilarious.That's it for now. I'd like to extend a great big thank you to all our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, OORAH!(sorry, had to get it out of my system), for serving and protecting my freedom. Catch y'all later.

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