May 7, 2005

I Simply Can't Believe This S**T!

It seem some misguided and extemely liberal bastard has decided to do something completely stupid. This site is so retarded. I can't believe anyone could possibly think or say this. It is absolutely infuriating(I'm so angry I don't even know if I spelled that correctly), I'm totaling incredulous right now. Who could be such a BLANKETY-BLANKING dumb*** that they could believe this s**t. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH! SOUND THE DRUMS OF WAR!

I hereby issue a proclamation. Everyone who comes by my site I ask you to go HERE and send them emails so they get a thorough talking to. Man I'm so angry. I just want to toss a table around and raise caine. I better save the URL so I can get angry before a football game. Nah, it'd be a waste of brain cells. THESE PEOPLE need to have some sense smacked into them.

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