May 16, 2005

Blog Watch

Howdy all! Sorry for not posting I have been very busy with football and school and haven't been able to post as often as I have wanted to. I've been getting stronger and faster. Also, I'm accomplishing my other goal of trimming down all the fat on my body. It's being replaced with rock hard muscle and I must say, I look even better than I thought I did(just kidding, I'm not that big a narciscisist). But anyway, I'll be putting up some new posts that are interesting.

As always, Blackfive has an interesting post asking the question: "Has feminism killed femininity?". Apparently the answer is yes. Very interesting. Also, can anyone tell me when Blackfive became a group blog because I have seen more people posting than just Blackfive himself. Also on Blackfive is a commentary on the whole Newsweek ordeal. Man, this is just stupid. Could it possibly be possible that Newsweek is so hard hit for news that they have to make stuff up? Also, why in the world would they make up news that serves no purpose other than to muddy the name of our troops. Granted there are a few bad apples in the military, evidenced by the whole Abu Ghraib unpleasantness< but that doesn't mean that the entirenty of the US military is bad. This is just horrible and awful and all those other words that I can't print on this blog. This almost ameks me not want to read Newsweek ever again.

Also, CAP Blog has an interesting post about CAP websites. It's interesting, at least I think so. It appears that he likes Cal Wing's website. But I agree with him. Since the web is such a public domain, many will get a first impression form the content and value of our websites. It is expedient to our mission that we present our best appearance to the world and make our websites look good. In a related story, I's probably gonna be an administrator on MY SQUADRON'S WEBSITE so I'll have yet another website to maintain, which is pretty cool, if only I could find a way to get payed for making and maintaining websites, I'd be rolling in the green.

LT. Smash has another post criticizing Newsweek for their stupidity. Also, for a good laugh, make sure you travel to the Darth Side for all the thoughts of Darth Vader. It's very funny. So I guess that's it for now. Happy trails!

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