May 10, 2005

Even more Blogginess

Hello all. I'm over 200 visitors! I am very glad that so many people here in the blogosphere have welcomed me into the community. Thank you very much for reading my blog. It is a great honor. Thank you very much. Also, I have been pondering setting up a donation account or something similar but I can't seem to come up with a use for it. It seems wrong to use it for my own purposes and since I don't expend any money on this site or any of the other cool stuff I have on it, I can't put any money towards the site, so I need something to put money towards. As much as I'd like a new iPod, I think I'll start a donation service for my football team. I'll get more info on this as I set it up. So, anyway, I'll get to the blog watching.

I have run across a new blogger here in the 'sphere. His name is Robert Rees and he is a UH-60 Blackhawk driver. How cool is that? I got to give credit to CAP Blog for the hat tip. I must highly recommend that you all read CAP Blog because it is insightful and it has a whole bunch of cool stuff, like THIS.

Neptunus Lex has a post reminiscing on the deaths of his comrades. It is very solemn and a good tribute to the fallen.The National Guard Experience has a new post concerning his golden rules of care packages. It's pretty funny. In fact, a lot of the content on his site is funny. Go check it out, you'll like it.Oooh! Air Force Voices has a post about the need for more Air Force bloggers. I agree, we need more airman in the 'sphere. USAF HUAH! Before I forget, some silliness from Sgt. B. at The Gun Line. Also, I think everyone needs to go check out Sure Fire at Pass The Brass. Go blogging. And finally, if you haven't already, go check out Blackfive, especially, this post. Bye for now.

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