May 18, 2005

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away. . .

(CUE STAR WARS THEME) Tonight marks the opening of the final Star Wars movie. Since I'm busy with school and CAP tonight I can't go see it. Bummer. But I'm hoping to go see it this weekend or maybe even Friday since we have a minimum day. Being a Star Wars fan, (no, I don't dress up in costume and camp out!) I kinda hate to see it go. It's been a big thrill waiting for the new movies to come out and I'm going to miss it. It's like the feeling after you open all your presents on Christmas and still want to open more, not because you want more stuff, just because you want to be surprised and experience that thrill of finding something new. So I'll post a big review when I see the movie. You can find a whole big news article HERE.

Hey, hey, L.A.'s got a new mayor! Antonio Villaraigosa won and is happy. He is the first Latino(that means he's Hispanic) mayor in over 133 years.He came to my school last week to give a news conference because one of his buddies from the City Council was announcing his endorsement for Mayor Villaraigosa, and from what I saw('cause for some odd reason I got chosen to sit in on the conference) and heard it looks like our new mayor has some fresh ideas for L.A. He wants to extend our Metro system in order to cut down on our horrendous traffic, and wants to increase the budget for schools, something Hahn never did. I must admit I'm looking forward to the next four years under his leadership. I hope his initiatives and plans come to fruition because our fair city has a lot problems and this is the first time I have seen anything that might work.

The Pentagon has tested its new pilot warning system. It shoots a laser at a plane to warn them that they have entered resticted airspace. Man, that is really cool. And on another scientific note, the Cassini probe has discovered a new moon orbiting Saturn. It was orbiting in a gap in between Saturn's outer rings. That's also pretty neat.

This is funny, Blackfive has post on how to tell if your kid is going to be a Navy SEAL.(TB)

That'st for now. Catch y'all later.

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