May 24, 2005

Another Person You Should Know

More Blogwatch today. Blackfive has another of his Someone You SHould Know posts. It is about Marine Corps recruiter Staff Sergeant Brian C. Stirrat. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for saving a young child's life. He was on leave when a mother cried out that her son was choking and needed help, and without thinking, Sgt. Stirrat came to the rescue and dislodged a rubber ball from his throat. This is truly remarkable and I just want to wish Sgt. Stirrat a big SEMPER FI! Oorah!

Mustang23 has a post concerning Al-Zarqawi. Apparently, he is wounded and has asked the islamic world for prayers. I join Instapundit and Mustang23 and probably many others in wishing doom on him. Doom On You Zarqawi!

Lt Smash has an interesting story about Keith Thompson Leaving the Left. At least one lefty has a good idea. Now, if only a few more liberals would be willing to come to the "dark side". Hehehe! Sorry, had to phrase it that way, been on a Star Wars binge lately, been preparing to see the new movie. It seems that Mr. Thompson is unsatisfied with all the whining and bitching and intolerance of the Left, and has decided it's time for a change of scenery. I applaud him. I myself made the switch about five years ago, when I realized that what the Democratic party believed in, for the most part, didn't fit my beliefs.

Also, Uncle Jimbo has decided to express his world views in the form of the Ying and the Yang. It is very interesting.

That's about it right now. My sitemeter says that I have over 310 visitors. That you all for supporting my little piece of cyberspace. I would also like to know what you all think of this site. You can just post it in the comments.

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