Apr 15, 2005

Cool Sites

There are a few cool blogs you all need to go check out. First up is Mustang23's blog, Assumption Of Command, at http://assumecommand.blogspot.com/. He is blogging all the way from somewhere in Iraq. It's good stuff. You all need to check out his site.

Next up is Matthew Heidt's site, Froggy Ruminations, at http://froggyruminations.blogspot.com/. His site is dedicated to all SEALs and related stuff. It's cool, trust me. If all else fails you can all just go and check out Blackfive's blog. It is all about the military and stuff. He's also a fellow Cub's fan, which means he's alright in my book. And if you are still in the need for military blogging goodness, go check out the MilBlogs at Mudville Gazette. Go check out these sites now, THAT'S AN ORDER!

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