Apr 16, 2005

Cool Stuff

Ohh I just found a bunch of cool stuff on the internet. First up is Uncle Jimbo with a funny list of things nobody should do in the armed forces. You can find it here. A big thanks to Blackfive for linking this up in his blog. I suggest reading his blog, it is one of the best on the net.

I also found a cool super hero generator. It's good for time wastin', something I can't get enough of. It's pretty cool. Below is the super hero I made. His name is Republican Man, defender of Freedom, Justice, and the American way, killer of hippies, communists, terrorists, and any other person who gets in his way. Pretty cool huh? I think I'll start writing fiction, maybe. We'll see. Mazel mazel good things. Here's the link to the character generator.

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