Sep 10, 2005

Saturday Review

so, I went in for films and weights today. Every Saturday, we review game film in order to put this week behind us and to critique how we did and try to learn from our mistakes. So, perhaps you're wondering what the score of Friday night's game was? It was Birmingham High School 22, Notre Dame 27. We could have won, and would have if we had had just one more minute on the clock. They beat us with their kicker. His name is Kai Forbath. Perhaps you've heard of him. He's one of the best kickers in the country and can kick sixty yard field goals. And he kicked a couple of real long ones on Friday. So, I'm probably pretty bummed right now, huh? No, not really. Sure, it sucks to lose, but we played a great game against a great team, and we came close to beating them. In short, we silenced a bunch of our critics on Friday and we earned a little respect, which is hard to do. So, I'm rather pleased.

Oh, I also got a new e-mail address. It's at GMAIL, and boy howdy is it way cool. I have a few invites, so if you'd like to check GMAIL out for yourself, just let me know. I have to go now. It's late, I'm tired, and I don't want to sleep all day tommorrow. Good Night.

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