Sep 8, 2005

Big Game Tommorrow

Just checking in. This week has been very hectic. The first week of school always is. Anyway, I've been extremely busy settling in to all my classes and getting ready for the school year. And to add to the mayhem, I'm also preparing for one of the biggest games of the season -- tommorrow night. But everything is fine. My teachers are great and my class schedule hasn't been horribly messed-up as they have been in years past. So everything seems to be working out just fine.

But I digress. I mainly came on tonight to talk about Notre Dame High School; our opponents for our first game of the season. Notre Dame is ranked fourth in the state and twenty-third in the nation. They are a GREAT team. They are well disciplined, big, fast, strong, and talented. They do nopt mess around on the field. Hence, they are the perfect team to start the season with. Either we beat them, or they kick us in the teeth. Either way, it hones our football skills. Tommorrow night will be a trial by fire, no ifs, ands, or buts. We can't make any mistakes and we have to be well-disciplined and play to the best of our ability in order to win. I rather not comment on how I think we're going to do right now because I don't want to jinx it.

I will say though that I am nervous and very anxious. I always am before a game. I get butterflies that feel as if they're ripping insides apart while I'm suiting up. It's very nerve wracking getting ready and waiting around for the excitement to begin. But the second I get on that field, all becomes quiet, the butterflies disappear, and I become all business. Go Patriots!

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