Aug 16, 2005

More Fun Tommorrow

I am absolutely exhausted tonight. It sure doesn't help that I'm sick, and I sucked it up an entire practice. But it really affected my game. I was just completely out of it today, which is always strange, and usually incurs coach's wrath on me. But that's the past, and I have tommorrow to make it up. And we have a Double Day tommorrow, which means I get to enjoy a practice at the wee hours of 9:30 in the morning, which is very early, considering I sleep until at least 11:00 during the summer. But the blogging is probably going to be light tommorrow(could I use that word anymore), because I'm going to be at school all day, and then I'm going to be at my CAP meeting until, probably 2130, so I've got a busy day.

Well, today was a defensive day, and I have to say, there are few rushes I have found that can equal or exceed the rush of playing defense. Defense is not like Offense. It requires little mental effort and is just about purely physical. It is the closest thing I have found to being an absolute caveman. The rush is indescribable. The only thing on your mind is getting to the ball; no ifs, ands, or buts. And like a wild animal on the hunt, your senses are all at the ready. You're keyed up and ready to destroy anyhting that gets in your way. Many times this can lead to fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, and off-sides flags, not because the players are bad players but because they are in a totally different mindset; one that makes it hard to control one's temper or agressiveness. And to make a tackle, to catch your prey, is equal to a chemical high.

Just my thoughts. See y'all later.

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