Aug 15, 2005

Getting There

Today saw the beginning of the third week of Fall Camp. We're slowly inching our way towards the season. Also, my knee did pretty well. It only took until blocking circuits for it to start hurting, so it's getting better. Baby steps, after all. Also, over the weekend, my dad and I upgraded the Ol' Mac, and it is now better than ever. It sports a speedy 1.2 gigaherz processor, a brand-spanking-new DVD RW/CD RW drive, and is now running on OS X Tiger. It's pretty sweeeet. Anyway, I thought I'd link y'all to all the good stuff out there. Why? Because I'm just a nice guy like that. No, I'm just kidding. The reality of it is, if I didn't link, I'd have little if anything to write about. So let's get to it, shall we?

It seems Balckfive has discovered a rather nefarious scheme of the liberals. Just despicable is all I can say. Also a good reason I don't read Daily Kos(no link neccessary, or warranted). Again, as always, Black5 hits the issue square on the nose, which is why i frequent his blog. That, and he insulted a French general. On a related topic, Froggy delves into the warrior psyche. Very interesting stuff. I saw a lot of myself in his description. A very good read.

Poor Neptunus Lex. It seems he had a run-in with a very arrogant liberal, in church. I'm sorry, but skewed worldviews aside, church is no place for politics. Check your political affiliation at the door please, and coem and worship the good Lord. On a similar tangent, is a church really the house of God, or is it more liek the foyer? Sorry, re-reading that question, I now realize how silly it is. Please forgive the author's mind's tendency to wander.

And now, time for soemthing completely different. A little monty Python never hurt anything. And for something equally as silly, take a look at what ElCapitan did. Sorry kiddies, but you might have to wait a while to read(and possibly to undertsand) this one. He also brings us heartening news about progress in Iraq. Oh, and Chapomatic has a link to something snarky. Also, I think this whole "Political Correctness" thing has gone too far. But that might just be me. I mean, I'm a rough, tough, male, teenager who plays football; I have tendencies towards rough language(not around any of my coaches, mind you, as that would bring unwanted push-ups) and dirty jokes, oh, and remarks about the fairer sex, many of which are unprintable on this website. And finally, for those wondering, Greyhawk provides the definition of American. Good night.

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