Jul 6, 2005

A Small Update In A New Direction

Howdy y'all! Well, it's summer and I have summer school(started today) and I'm actually not that angry about it. I only have one class from 0800 to 1000 and there are a lot of my friends in the class, so it shouldn't be too bad. Also, I have more time to blog now, so expect more to come. But there's a catch, there's always a catch. I am running thin on political and military commentary, you may have noticed, since my blog has turned into a sess pool of ranting and personal updates. Maybe you didn't. Or, maybe you just didn't care 'cause you like me so much.

Anyway, I've decided to start showcasing some of my writing for your reading pleasure, and I'd like to know what others think of my writing pieces. I'll try to put up part of one tommorrow, so don't be surprised if I only have one post on the page soon. Also, is anyone else scared of the "Church" of Scientology. Some more info can be found HERE. These nutjobs make me want to go out and arm myself to teeth. They scare me. If only I wasn't prevented from owning a gun by the darn Muckadoos in California didn't prevent me from owning one. Oh, well. More good stuff to come, so stay tuned.


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