Feb 20, 2006

Back In Town

I got back today after being out of town this weekend. Went to Cadet Programs Conference up at Camp San Luis Obispo. I had a wonderful time at what was my last CPC as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol. It's rather strange, this being my last time. Considering I'm going off to college thousands of miles away in the fall, my cadet career in CAP is winding down to a close. The nearly five years that I have spent so far in the program have been some of the best years of my life. I have made some great friends that I will always be close with. I have done things that very few people get to do in their lifetime, let alone as a teenager. Actually, I've been saddened by the fact that I will be a cadet for only a few more months. A period in my life is ending, and a new one is only just begginning.

But I went as an officer, I goal I set for myself since I attended my first CPC. You see, we have a little banquet on the last night of the Conference where we present awards, eat, dance, and enjoy eachother's company. Before the banquet begins, the cadet officers escort the many ladies down a corridor lined with the many NCO's and Airmen; who all stand at attention as the officers pass. In handful of past Conferences that i have attended, I was always in the Airmen and NCO category and would have to wait my turn to enter the banquet hall. But this year, I was an officer.

As I entered the Embassy Suites thatloaned us their banquet facilities, late because I had been detained at Camp SLO due to various staff member duties that I had to take care of prior to leaving for the banquet, all of the Airmen and NCOs had already lined up, and my fellow officers were already escorting the pretty ladies toward the banquet hall. I quickly offered my arm to a very beautiful female Senior Member and we headed down the corridor. I will admit that I had to stifle a grin from forming on my face as the many cadets lining the walls snapped to attention as I passed. I was very proud of myself at that moment in time. I had set a goal and attained it. And as I passed, many of my comrades whispered compliments and greetings, a testament to the bonds made between fellow cadets. The night went well, and I found it hard to say good-bye to my friends when I left to come home late this morning.

So on that note, I think I will close-up for the night. But before I go, I'll point you towards a musical gem I found on the site of a prospective college: Oh, Shenandoah.

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