Jan 27, 2006

What? Blogging Goodness?

So I'm trying my best to get back into posting regularly, and it seems to be working somewhat. I've definitely had a lot more to write about and actually will have so more time as I finish everything for college. So no more coasting along for me. Also, I have attracted some new readers who don't wish to divulge their perosnal info. That's cool. But my curiousity about who these mystery readers are is totally piqued. Perhaps they could send an e-mail my way? Perhaps.

By now I'm sure y'all have heard and read about the whole Joel Stein fiasco. I won't say much more, other than he is a total assholejerk. Better yet I'll let Uncle Jimbo say it all. In the off-chance that you have not read this controversial piece of prose, here is the link to it.

Also, Sgt. B. of The Gun Line, has created a comical look at the USMC via cartoons. They are entitled SGT REMINGTON. Good stuff. Chap and CDR SALAMANDER also have plenty of good stuff. In case you didn't notice I have also added two new blogs to the Ol' Blog Roll. Check them out. Well that's it for now. Y'all come back now y'hear.

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