Sep 27, 2005

In Twenty Years

I had to write an English paper the other day. I thought it was pretty good, or at least good enough to warrant being posted on my blog. So, a little backstory. Basically I had to pretend that I was attending my twenty-year high school reunion, and my teacher wanted us to write about where we thought we would be in twenty years. So, I hope you enjoy.


Our story begins with our hero: a well-groomed man in his late thirties. His hair is cut to the point where he is almost bald, his mustache is trimmed neatly, and his uniform is squared away. He is driving to his twenty year high school reunion, in a mustang he rented at the airport. He looks up in his rear-view mirror and thinks to himself, “Man, I never thought I would come this far in twenty years.” He shakes his head in disbelief and smiles the smile of a man who was born good-natured.

He remembers back to the day he graduated from high school, and the whole world lay before him. He remembers when he went off to college, and the tears in his mother's eyes as he said good-bye when he dropped his parents off at the airport. He remembers the freedom of being on his own and the important lessons learned in college and ROTC. He remembers the day he entered flight school and the day he received his wings. He reaches a stoplight and glances down at his chest and looks at those beautiful golden wings pinned there.

His memories then carry him away to the day he met the most beautiful woman in the world and the day he made her his wife. He is drifts to the births of his wonderful children, who bring so much joy to his life.

He also remembers the bad times. The death of his best friend in a horrible plane crash. The great ocean that is his memory, drag him to his great travels. He remembers his times in the Middle East, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, and many others ports of call. Most of all, he remembers the ocean. The majestic mistress that dominates his life. He remembers the beauty of the salty air and the cool waters of the Pacific.

He finally reaches his destination, Birmingham High School. As he steps out of his car, it brings back the memories of days long past. A time when life seemed easier and his potential endless. He spots an old friend and teammate. “Hi, there. How you been?” His old chum inquires as to his identity. “Oh, my name is Andrew Miller."

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