Aug 1, 2005

A Beginning Of Sorts

Well today marked the first day of Fall Camp for football. I'm tired, sore, and extremely happy. There is nothing better than doing something you love with your friends. And tommorrow it gets even better because we get issued pads, so we get to hit soon. I'm really excited and can't hardly wait for the season to begin. But I know it will be here soon enough, so no worries. Right now I'm just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cool night air, because it has been unbearably hot out here in L.A. Anyway, I saw The Island on Saturday and I have to say that it was pretty good. It definitely had some similar themes as Logan's Run but it could stand on it's own two feet. Oh, and the hoverbikes are totally awesome.

I thought I'd link y'all to soem noteworthy articles and what not. Seems that Bolton got appointed without all of the hassles of Congress. Bush just waited until our Representatives and Senators went on vacation to appoint him. Frankly, I don't see what all the fuss was about, i think Bolton will do a good job and maybe he can knock some sense into the flunkies in the UN. Also, Al Gore has announced the launch of his news network. Great, another liberally biased news channel, just what the world needs. Oh, and it seems that Chuck is doing better and even got to meet someone special. Go wish him health and happiness and see who had the audacity to go visit him.

I'll end this on a rather sad note. Froggy had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Petty Officer James E. Suh. He chronicles it, and it is very touching. It nearly made me cry. Well, I stumbled upon some poetry while clearing out my desk today, and I thought it was appropriate.


I rush to my fallen comrade,
his side quickly draining blood.
I finally reach him,
after dodging bullets that hung in the air like gnats.
I administer morphine to try to ameliorate the pain.
His wounds gape at me.
His screams are contrite and filled with penitence,
every word he gasps,
he apologizes for running into the fight.
I tell him it will be alright.
I plead with god for mercy,
let this one man live,
don't take him now,
not like this.
I throw his over my shoulder,
and head toward safety.
The medic looks him over,
and valiantly does what he can.
But his efforts are futile.
And in that land,
of the shifting sands,
I lose a friend.

--- William Cooper, Jr.

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