Aug 5, 2005


My football gear

Well, I survived the first week of Fall Camp, now just four more to go. The team's coming together pretty nicely, though. I've been promised a spot on the defensive line, because I can "do many things and get the job done," so it looks like I will possibly be playing D-Tackle and End, aside from my usual duties as a Nose Guard. Also, our Offensive Line is progressing rapidly, too, and is farther ahead than last year's O-Line was, which means good things. I think we have a good shot at repeating the City title but, I don't want to jinx it.

Well, I promised pictures of my gear, so I've included a couple in this post. I'll put up better ones tommorrow when the sun comes up and I have better lighting. I also thought I'd provide a few links to some interesting stuff, like I always do. First, I want to wish ~K good health, since her son was recently ill. I'm glad everything worked out and everyone is doing well. I sure did miss her comments; her kind words always brighten up my day. I've had my tonsils removed, due to chronic tosilitis, so I know what her child went through. It's not a walk in the park, I can assure you.

Also, The 'Phibian provides us with an interesting article about the French. It seems some of them have realized the horrid state that they are in. Next up is Chap with some news about nukes which is very interesting. Have you ever stopped by The Gun Line? If not, do so now. I have a link in my sidebar. Sgt. B can really turn a phrase, as evidenced HERE. So I think that will do it for this evening. Catch y'all later.

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