Apr 8, 2005

Back From NC

I got back from North Carolina yesterday at about 2300 hours. Not bad for a two flights and a layover in Denver. The airlines are getting more and more "cost-effective." Believe me, it will be a very long while before I fly United again. But it wasn't so bad. I got to sit next to a guy who designs and builds electronics (radars and computer and such) for Northrop Grumman and we talked about planes. It was a long day and today has seemed even longer (thanks a lot, jet lag) but I get to sleep in tommorrow so it all good.

The funeral went well. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service. Everything went as planned and the family all said their good-byes to a wonderful lady who could play the piano so well she would rival Mozart. She could also bake a mean pecan pie.

Oh and by the way, I reopened comments to everyone on this site. I just hope that those troublemakers don't come back or I'll have to limit commenting again and ruin it for everybody. That's it for now. I'll post a story or something special tommorrow. Have a good night and be safe.

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