Jun 1, 2005

On Beef Jerky and Blogging

Mustang23 has a response for all of the criticism that beef jerky's been gettign lately. I agree with Mustang23 that beef jerky is awesome. C'mon, who doesn't like beef jerky. JP has also expressed his displeasure at eating MREs. Frankly, I like MREs, but then again, I'll eat just about anything that you put in front of me, so maybe I'm not one to talk. But, anyway, beef jerky is very useful and is great for carrying as a quick snack while out in the field. Just throw it in your ruck, or LBEs, or whatever you have for carrying stuff and when the need to chew on something arises, just bust out the beef jerky. But we must combat this growing threat to snacking. I propose we create "Bloggers For Beef Jerky." Aside from wanting to create a blog ring and wanting a cool catch phrase, our mission statement would be to promote how great beef jerky is and annoy JP. I'll go tell Mustang and get back to you.

Also, the former king of Cambodia has a blog. I guess everyone sooner or later will get in on this blogging thing.


The Jerky War has begun. I suggested earlier to Mustang23 that an alliance for the pormotion of Beef Jerky and the annoying of JP. That alliance is called Bloggers For Beef Jerky. It has now been formed and it appears as if the Beef Jerky Nazi is trying to retaliate. I dunno, but this may get pretty hairy. Grab your helmets everyone and hit the deck.

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