Jun 2, 2005

The Jerky War Heats Up

I've been getting a lot of traffic lately because of my involvement in the Jerky War. It's been heating up, and it seems JP has retaliated. Very interesting, but we beef jerky lovers have some ammo of our own. This is gonna be a whole lot of fun. It seems as of late that I have been geting more and more references on other people's blogs. It feels really good, too. I just want to thank everyone who's come by the site and everyone in the Blogosphere for welcoming me in with such enthusiasm, like y'all have. Thanks a bunch!

In other news, Neptunus Lex has a great new sea story. Go read it, and understand what it is like inside the world of Naval Aviators. I've also run across a great poem. I'm a little late I guess, considering that Memorial Day was a couple days ago, but it's a good poem nonetheless. Hat Tip: MDG. El Capitan has a post dealing with USAF and IAF deaths. He also has "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee posted. Also, don't miss THIS PIC.(NOTE: not for the easily offended) That's about it for now. Go to Bloggers For Beef Jerky and join the fight.

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