Jun 8, 2005

Change Of Command

No not here, I apologize for alarming you. I am having way too much fun with my blog to leave. But my CAP unit is in the process of transitioning staff positions and in a couple weeks or so, our commander is changing command. This is good news because I will be taking over as the First Sergeant. It is a very prestigious and hard job. I will be the senior ranking NCO, which demands perfection in everything I do since I set the example for others to follow. So, I don't know who the next commander of our cadets will be, but I know I'll be having a lot of fun as 1st Sergeant. I am also testing tonight to try and make Chief so please wish me luck.

In other news, a SMASHing story has come out. Denzel Washington has made a donation to the Fisher House, a non-profit organization who provides housing and shelter to families of recovering GIs who cannot afford to stay in a hotel. Mr. Washington and his wife have reportedly made the biggest donation in the history of the organization. Everybody, a round of applause for Denzel Washington.

Goldfalcon has a post about the whole Flushgate Incident. It appears that it was the detainees who actually detroyed and vandalized their holy book. Hmph! Those jihadis are just bad news all around aren't they?

Jack Army has an interesting post about recruiting and why it's so low. It is an email from a young man. Very interesting stuff. I have also found a blog by Bush and one by the Almighty, Himself. Good stuff. I'll tell y'all how the change of command goes tommorrow. By for now.

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