Jun 7, 2005

Blog Watch. . .And More

Wohoo! I have some time on my hands -- eww I better wash it off before it starts to stink -- so I can post now. I've been trolling the internet looking for the bestest, most coolest posts that will keep you all entertained for at least five minutes. First up is an interesting challenge to gun control supporters asking them to intelligently explain why they support it.HAT TIP:Neptunus Lex. It is very interesting and got me thinking. While I don't support gun control any farther background checks and keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and psychos, I can't help but think that something could be done to reduce the accidental deaths and intentional ones due to guns. Placing more restrictions on them won't work, and neither will letting them go completely unregulated as that will lead to unsavory characters purchasing automatic weapons and then heading out for a shooting spree. In the end, it will take some sort of a common ground to find the proper way to handle this whole firearm dilemma. I think one of the best things we can do though is to provide more education so as to promote proper gun safety.

And now for some good news. Smash has a story about the rebuilding of Iraq. Very heartwarming and makes you feel good to be American. Hooyah! Also, The Jawa Report has a video of terrorist training bloopers. If anyone's confused about the words the MSM uses, then go HERE. That's it for now, so I wish you all good tidings. Go Cubbies!

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