Mar 16, 2005

News Round Up for 16 March 2005

Howdy y'all. It looks like I've got time for a daily news round up. Let's take a look at what's happening today.

Looks like the government is now reccomending that the average person should exercise at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise a day. Most think this is too much, but I disagree. If people exercised more, the rate of obesity probably wouldn't be as high and we'd be a lot less stressed out. Exercising relieves stress, if you didn't already know that.I am now hopping on the exercise bandwagon and advocating that everyone should go out and exercise for an at least an hour a day. Just go out there and have fun. The article also says that getting that much exercise would ward off cxhronic disease and help keep people healthy. Get The Full Story Here

Pittsburgh residents love Twinkies so much that they are holding an exhibit dedicated to them. It is part of a display by the American Society of Media Photographers Pittsburgh chapter. The society holds this display annually, and all the pictures displayed must incorporate an object that has been decided on by the society. I wonder what that meeting must have been like. . .
Member 1: "What should we do this year?"
Member 2: "How about cars?"
Member 1: "Nah, been there done that."
Member 3: "How about we ask the great oija board?"
Member 2: "Yeah, that sounds great!"
Member 1: "Oh great oija board, what should we use this year for our exhibit?"
Member 3: "T-W-I-N-K-I-E-S"
Member 2: "Twinkies?"
Get The Full Story Here

Looks like Larry Summers, the President of Harvard University, got a "no confidence" vote. This will muck up his plans. I bet he's had real trouble with the ladies lately. It's too bad that people had to make such a big deal out of this. Get The Full Story Here

Looks like that East Coast center of hippy liberalism is at it again. Massachusetts is seeking to ban more firearms. They are seeking to ban .50 caliber rifles and 5.7 magnums, citing that they are cop killers and that they don't belong in the hands of criminals. Of course not, that's why there are background checks. Man, someone needs to write them a nasty letter. Get The Full Story (video) Here

And now for some good news. A baby who was born while his mother was in a coma, is still living after doctors said he would have died. If anyone ever needed a reason to have faith, this is it. Good things really do happen in the world. God Bless and protect that kid. Get The Full Story Here

The new national assembly of Irag has just held their first meeting. As they were sworn in, a series of bomb blasts rattled the area around the convention center. The interim Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, was said concerning the explosions, "Freedom and democracy are great goals we should achieve." It appears that many of the assemblymen are willing to work toward freedom and democracy and see them as achievable goals. God bless the Iraqi people for having such courage in such trying times. Get The FUll Story Here

That's for today. I'll post later. Catch y'all on the flip side.

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