Mar 7, 2005

Freedom, Sweet Freedom

I finally finished all of the reports and work I've had lately so I now have more free time to post. Yay! Let's see whats going on this week. . . oh yeah, I'm going to Lake Arrowhead this weekend for some UCLA writing retreat which is probably going to be really gay, but at least there are gonna be a couple hot chicks . . . all alone. . . in the mountains. . . with me, hmmm sounds intriguing. But seriously, at least I'm going to be able to train at high altitude which will whoop me into shape. If I can post I will, if not, then I'll put plenty of blogging goodness up when I get back.

What else is going on? Oh yeah, I'm testing for C/ Senior Master Sergeant at this week's meeting, so wish me luck. Hopefully I'll promote by the end of March, which means I can promote to C/ Chief Master Sergeant by May, and then make C/ 2nd Lieutenant by July. I've got more football training today, so I'm gonna be very tired when I get home, so I don't know if I'll be posting, but whatever. Later.

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