Feb 27, 2005

Post for 27 Feb 2005

Sorry everybody, no pics of the ring yet, they'll be coming soon. I've been very busy lately. I've also been training very hard so hopefully, this time next year I'll have another championship ring. Man, training is hard! My coach is the James Bond of workouts; he's got more gadgets and equipment than you can shake a stick at.

I just got done watching the Oscars and they were extremely boring. They are just too long and uninteresting. They had Chris Rock as the host this year and they tried too hard to appeal to the 18 - 30 demographic, which is a shame. I suspect they haven't realized that they lost those people to MTV's VMAs and the People's Choice Awards a long, long time ago.

There's not a whole lot going on right now. I've got school tommorrow so I have to go prepare. I can't wait to baseball season though. Following Boston's winning of the pennant last year, I can only hope that this is the year my beloved Cubbies go all the way. GO CUBS!

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