Feb 24, 2005

Serious Discussion

"No Man Can Be Taken To Task For What History Is Doing, Or Has Done." - James Baldwin "Stranger In A Village"

Is this true? Can one man never be responsible for his actions? Hell no! A person is responsible for what they do and the decisions they make.

We was discussing this point in class the yesterday, and everyone in there said that a people shouldn't be responsible for what happens in history that it is the groups of people that should be responsible. One of the specific points was about Hitler. They said that Hitler wasn't responsible for the Holocaust because it was the German people's fault that he ever became powerful in the first place.

While they were blaspheming I was sitting there incredulous in my seat, not believing what was coming out of their mouths. But then again, the class is full of hippy liberals, so what do you expect. But still, to say that Hitler isn't to be held responsibly for the deaths of millions of innocent people is absolutely insane! I quickly chimed in that people en masse are little more than sheep waiting to be herded and that anyone charismatic enough could get a mob of people to do whatever he wanted and that just because the German people allowed Hitler to rise to power, that doesn't mean he wasn't responsible, just that he's a very good public speaker.This of course went over the hippies' heads, and I totally proved them wrong.

I would very much like to hear what my readers think of this, so please respond in the comments.

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