Mar 4, 2005

Keepin' It Crunk

There's not much happening at the moment. I'm currently rettoling my website and trying to set up another one for my programming class. I invite you to take a gander at my improved website. Tell me what you think about it. I just finished up a giant report that's due today and am glad to have that monkey off my back,I can finally resume staying after school late again.

Let's see what's happening in the news. It looks like Martha Stewart's finished her jail term and is glad to be home. She did the right thing by serving her time for her crimes. At least there's one honest white collar criminal.

According to CNN, our gas prices are going to go up again. It appears that it will have a rise between 24 to 28 cents per gallon. This is due to gasoline stations' reactions to rising oil and wholesale gasoline prices, so expect to see your local station to be charging over two bucks for gas.Get the full story here

It also appears as of 0832 hrs. Pacific Time, the stock market is up; let's hope it continues. That's about it for now, catch y'all later.

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