May 7, 2006


Been doing some reading in the blogsphere lately. Trying desperately to rejoin the blogging masses, even though it's been hard to find the time and motivation to do so lately. So the first order of the day is an article over at JihadWatch about our Founding Fathers and the Muslim world, and from reading it, it seems that not much has changed in the past 250 years.(HT: Chapomatic) Also, for those who don't yet know, the gentlemen at The Officers' Club(VMI grads, by the way) have moved on to greener pastures and are now blogging over at It's the same outstanding examples of hard-hitting bloggerism(can't quite call it journalism) that you have come to expect, but in a shinier, new package.

GWA.45 is currently pondering why Socialism refuses to die. An interesting read, long, but interesting nonetheless. If you like history and politics, like I do, then you'll like this article. I also tip my hat to The Geek, when I point you all towards this little gem about liberals. Well, not just any type of liberals, as some can be quite, what's the word, sane; but the John Kerry-types, the ones who are so out of touch with mainstream America that it boggles the mind. And I must admit, I have visited certain bastions of liberal thought *cough*the huffington post*cough*, but more for my own personal enjoyment as I find ti fun to mess with them. Too bad they usually censor my comments. It's hard when you have to spread truth and reason to people who don't want to hear it.

And as is the case many times when I run out of things to blog about, I will link you to Neptunus Lex, as he usually has something up everyone's alley, if the musings of a former fighter pilot are your particular cup of tea. And so that he can benefit from my minimalall of my traffic, I will point out that he has commentaries on the recent immigration boycotts and the moussai verdict. That is all, carry on.

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