Nov 7, 2005


So, last Friday we played our ninth game this season against Granada Hills, and we won 33-14. But the fun didn't end there, it was our Homecoming game after all, so a dance naturally followed that next evening.

So me, a few football players, and plenty of the regular school went to celebrate our victory at our Homecoming Dance on Saturday,and I got to tell you, it was fun(with a capital F). The dance floor was packed. The gym was sweltering hot. The music was way too loud for anyone's good. Oh, and there were plenty of good-looking girls in very hot dresses. So, yeah, I think it goes without saying that yours truly, being the ruggedly-handsome, dashingly debonair, and all-around heartbreaker that I am, just had to dance with a few ladies. Well, I did. Oh, and I must say, a wonderful time was had by all.

So On to things more serious. Have you stopped by The Gun Line lately? If not, you may have missed this post about faith. I must say, it's very good. And good ol' Chap has a great post about Mr. Rogers. Man, I've been away too long. Also, both Froggy and CDR Salamander have excellent posts about the goings-on in France.

So I think I'll sign-off for now. I need to finish a couple draft posts that I have been writing, seems like forever, now. Oh, man do I wish I could vote tommorrow.

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