Dec 13, 2006

Calling All Personnel. . . .

Hey everybody, yes all three of you actually read my blog on a regular basis, I have a favor to ask. "What might that be?" You say. Well, Op-For Blog is getting obliterated by the competition for the 2006 Weblog Awards and need more votes. So, since they're such nice guys, and talented writers, go over and follow the link and vote for Op-For as the best MilBlog out there. Oh, and a number of those guys are in my Dykeline, so they can strain me whenever they want. . . wait, on second thought, I strain all the time anyway. Well, nevermind that, go and vote for Op-For.

And for those of you who are regular readers and have been angry for the lack of updates, I apologize. More will be coming shortly, I promise. That is all, carry on.

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