Aug 17, 2006

Beginning The Journey

Well, this is the last post I am probably going to make from The Mac for a while, maybe forever. In the wee hours of tommorrow morning I am heading to the airport to take a flight to Dulles. I am finally heading to college. High School is behind me. And ahead of me is life's grand adventure. On Saturday I begin my first tentative steps towards becoming an Institute Man when I matriculate with the rest of the Rat Mass of 2007+3. I am ready for the hardships and the trials and tribulations. Let them come and make a man out of me.

But, I am saddened to go. I am leaving behind my friends and family. I am leaving behind my stomping grounds. I am leaving behind my life as I know it. But I will always have the memories, that is something that can never be taken from me. They will stick with me and always provide me comfort even when things are at their bleakest. And things will become hard and bleak. But, nothing worth doing or having is easy, and after I go through these hardships, I know I will emerge and different and far better person for it.

So dear reader, I bid you adieu for a short while. I am off to be broken down and reforged. I shall shed the mantle of boyhood and my civilian ways, and I shall adopt those of a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. Rah Virginia Mil, rah rah rah. Thank you some very much for your support.

"You May Be Whatever You Resolve To Be."

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