Oct 17, 2007

Name Change

I've finally figured out what I want to name this blog: "Marching Post." This one may take some explaining, though. Here at The Institute, we have a tradition of a standing guard team 24/7 during the school year. It dates back to the days when the Institute was an active armory and was guarded by the Virginia Militia. Anyway, one of the positions on the guard team is that of the sentinels, a group of individuals who stand in the two courtyards in Barracks and watch over the Corps making sure nothing amiss transpires. This tends to be nothing more than long periods of boredom, with a few interesting occurrences interspersed throughout. That's how it seems with this website at times. It seems that I just sit here watching the goings on of the internet and really only post about the interesting things that only happen occasionally. So there you have it, the new moniker.

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